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InfoTrack allows you and your staff to access many different types of legal searches and services, without subscription costs, charged in a way that you can pass onto the client as a disbursement. Using InfoTrack is like having the power of a small law firm directly at your fingertips. Our services simplify your firm’s entire workflow, allowing you to focus more closely on real legal work.

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Some of the services we provide include:

Business FormationsEasily form LLC’s and Incorporations in all 50 states with InfoTrack. Every aspect of formations can be performed through InfoTrack including SS4 forms, Tax ID, Registered Agent services, ordering Corporate Kits, and Publication where necessary.

Title ReportsInfoTrack provides a robust offering of title and property related searches. The information available through these searches includes deeds on a property, open voluntary and involuntary liens, owner encumbrances, APN/Tax ID numbers, open mortgages, current tax info for subject properties, refinance searches and much more.

Secretary of State Company ReportsInfoTrack allows users to search for company reports in all 50 states. Firms also have the option to search in multiple states at once.

UCC SearchesSearch for UCC reports in all 50 states and in multiple states at once.

UCC-1 Filing: File your UCC-1 form directly from the InfoTrack website.

Court SearchingSearch and download court dockets from Federal, Local, Patent, Trademark & Bankruptcy courts with the ability to track results in real time.

KYCITSearch a company’s international records with InfoTrack’s proprietary software.

Electronic SigningInfoTrack partners with DocuSign to allow for seamless electronic signing and tracking. Our SignIt software integrates with most of our other features allowing for easy signing and sharing of all forms in InfoTrack.


Beyond the large suite of products offered by InfoTrack, there is no cost to activate an account. In fact, there are no commitments at all when a company signs up to use InfoTrack. The only costs associated with InfoTrack are charged on a per transaction basis and displayed before a user makes an order. All costs accrued are also recorded and returned to you through InfoTrack allowing you to easily track and pass on costs to your clients.


At InfoTrack, we consider ourselves experts when it comes to integrating into case management systems. In fact, we integrate with the vast majority of CMS’ in the legal field. When using InfoTrack through a CMS, any product you use in our platform will pre-populate directly from the matter you’re working in. InfoTrack will also track and send all costs directly back into your firm’s CMS.

Does InfoTrack sound like it could benefit your firm? If so, click here to book a free demo and start simplifying your workflow today!